Monday, April 10, 2017

Gelli plate monotypes on black paper

I attended a workshop a while back that was lead by a representative from Golden paints.  I was interested in Geli printing and that was the main topic of the day. I've since stocked up on all the materials (Golden, your plan was genius!) and have hosted several groups in my my own studio. Gelli printing is a fantastic introduction to mono typing. And though it is easy,  fume free and easy to clean up, the basic additive and subtractive methods are the same as in traditional printmaking. And the results are quite lovely!

One of the advantages of the workshop was having access to loads of supplies that I don't keep in my own studio. In the case of these 3 prints I used Golden iridescent acrylic paints. The effect was very different than the standard spectrum of colors on white.

I thought I'd share, and encourage you to seek out a fun day of slopping paint, ink or clay around just for the sake of it.  You never know what you are going to discover! 

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  1. These are totally gorgeous, and I bet they look even better in person! Yayyy for you, to share the process with other artists so we propagate more printmakers in the world!