Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Gelli Plate Printing

The process of mono typing on gelli plates is fast, easy and encourages experimentation and a certain amount of giggling. It is just what I wanted some months ago after emerging from a very focused several years of painting a specific subject matter in a specific style. I cleared the studio surfaces, invited friends in and began cutting stencils, rolling acrylic paint and generally making a mess.

Turns out it was just what the doctor ordered! Piles of leaves, ribbon, textured wall paper, the net bag my avocados come in, and anything textural that is flat enough to run through my press became covered in color. Each lent its magic to print after print, changing character time and again. 

This was done the week before Valentines Day, so of course I had to make a heart using a glue gun on wax paper to ink up and profess my love to the world!

Next week I'll share a few of the prints I made on black paper using metallic inks. They're weird and wonderful!

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