Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Three Florals

Seeing Stars
8x10 oil on Panel

I have not been posting as regularly lately, and I have some catching up to do!

Living in Southern California this spring was a marvelous experience. Thanks to generous winter rains, spring burst forth like never before. Our gardens and parks produced beautiful displays that we hadn't seen in the long years of drought, but the true magic happened in our wild lands. Seeds long dormant drank just enough to rise up in all their glory transforming our arid hills and valleys into broad reaches of color. Many of the blossoming plants were ones I had never seen in my lifetime of wandering and watching.

Flora or Fauna?
8x10 oil on panel

This collection of little paintings, inspired by our explosive spring inspects the wild beauty of individual plants. As always, I am deeply moved by the extraordinary effort nature puts into reproduction. Each plant has developed unique pistils, stamen and petals in its drive to germinate. Endless shapes, colors and textures invite bees and birds to do their devine work of pollination. 

8x10 oil on panel

Spring's profusion of color and beautifully articulated shapes fills my heart. A fleeting display of such delicacy is a magic expression of both the fragility and relentless power of life. These beautiful little flowers plant wonder, hope and humility in my chest. 

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